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As part of the Open Life Science’s 6th cohort (OLS-6) program, we had the opportunity to give a presentation on the topic of public engagement. Our presentation focused specifically on the intersection of open infrastructure, citizen science and science communication.

The OLS initiative is a program that lasts for 16 weeks, offering mentorship and a cohort-based training for individuals who are passionate about applying open principles in their work and becoming ambassadors for Open Science in their communities. Throughout the program, participants are given the opportunity to share their knowledge and acquire essential skills needed to create, lead and sustain Open Science projects. Moreover, they get to interact with other individuals from different projects, communities and backgrounds, which helps in empowering each other to become effective Open Science ambassadors who can create positive change in their communities through their work.

Overall, it was an enriching experience to share our ideas and engage with the OLS-6 cohort on this important topic.

The video recording of our presentation is available below, and it begins at the 35:30 mark.