BioINForming 3.0

Participants: 13 high school students (7 in-person and 6 online)

Trainers: Katarina Elez, Selle Bandstra and Clelia Cortile

Online support: Marco Anteghini and Ivan Bakšić


1. Introduction
  • Introduction to bioinformatics
  • Basics of molecular biology and genetics
  • Introduction to Python
2. Omics
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Introduction to different omics
  • Differential gene expression
3. Molecular sequence analysis
  • Pairwise sequence alignment
  • Sequence database search
  • Multiple sequence alignment
4. Protein structure analysis
  • Structure determination
  • Basics of protein structure
  • Protein structure prediction
  • Protein structure visualization, comparison and classification
5. Drug design
  • Basics of intermolecular interactions
  • Protein-ligand docking
  • Virtual screening for drug design

* Career and Erasmus+ opportunities

* Introduction to AI and ethical concerns



I really enjoyed the theoretical lectures, they had the perfect ratio of advanced and necessary information. The topics were very interesting and the lecturers did an excellent job at explaining everything I didn't understand. I enjoyed the friendly environment. The practical lessons were at first difficult for me, but with each day I got more used to the pace of learning Python.
I loved every bit - how exhausting it was the first day, how I gradually understood more and more and how I found out about science-jobs and their goals.
My favorite part about this training school was definitely meeting new people and learning so much. It was such a great opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests and expand my knowledge in bioinformatics.
I loved it! It broke down programming for me, which I had a big fear of (I had 0 knowledge of it and was always afraid to try to learn it), and made it something fun and actually accessible. It taught me amazing things in biology on the topics I already liked in school and made them even more interesting.


JUSMŠ “Ivan Goran Kovačić” (provided space and necessary equipment) and Municipality of Herceg Novi (provided funding)